According to the Policies of the Diocese of Davenport, Ss. Mary & Mathias has a Parish Pastoral Council (which is often called the “Parish” or “Pastoral” Council).

Our Parish Council has 9 members. Each person is responsible for a specific ministry or parish activity.  According to our by-laws, the total membership of the Parish Council shall be 13, with 7 representing a quorum.  Elections are held each year in April or May.  Terms are 3 years, and a member may be elected for 2 consecutive terms.  If you are interested in serving on Council, contact Father Troy or the current Parish Council president.

The Parish Council meets the 4th Monday of each month at 6:30 at Gannon Hall.

If you have a concern you think should be brought before Parish Council, please feel free to contact the Parish Council president.

Current Officers & Members

  • Tim Peters – President
  • Tim Fuegen – Vice President
  • Craig Riesenberg – Secretary, Liturgy Commission
  • Jim Berns – Liaison to Building & Grounds Commission
  • Laura Custis – Hospitality and Relationships
  • Refugio Ceniceros  – Hispanic Committee, Liturgy Commission
  • Robin Edwards – Hospitality and Relationships
  • Angie Schillig – Liaison to Finance Council
  • Judd Anderson – Liaison to the Board of Education

Ex-Officio, Voting Members of Council

  • Fr. Troy Richmond – Pastor
  • Fr. Hai Dinh  – Parochial Vicar
  • Deacon Tony Mouzon
  • Deacon Dennis McDonald
  • Linda DePuydt – Church Trustee
  • Bill Harper – Church Trustee

Non-Voting Representatives

There are other people who attend but do not vote at the Parish Council meetings. They are:

  • Sr. Cheryl Demmer – Director of Religious Education
  • Tommy Fallon  – Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • Ben Nietzel – Principal of Ss. Mary & Mathias Catholic School
  • Konrad Wilke – Business Manager