Over the last ten years, the number of Americans who profess that they have “no religious affiliation” has grown by over 20 million individuals! How are we, as Catholics, called to respond to the increasingly secular culture around us?

Our Church once grew and flourished in the hostile environment of pagan Rome, eventually converting millions to the Church that Jesus Christ founded. In our current cultural climate, we are being called once again to re-evangelize the world by displaying the life-changing reality of the Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ. How do we show people the difference that a relationship with God makes?

Witness: Becoming a Missionary-Minded Disciple is going to be a blessed two day experience for our parish of reflecting deeply on our own call to encounter Jesus’ particular love for each of us and then, enlivened by the Holy Spirit, discern how we as lay-people in the midst of our lives can fulfill our twin calls, received in baptism, to holiness and to mission.

Friday night kicks off with a dynamic talk from our speaker Tim Glemkowski, president of L’Alto Catholic Institute, a parish renewal apostolate, followed by a time of Adoration and praise and worship. Saturday morning will find us unpacking a little more deeply the calls to live as a disciple of Christ and our appointment to bear fruit in two packed sessions along with powerful prayer experiences.

We know that it can be hard sometimes to commit to coming to events at the parish, especially with your busy lives and schedules, but we invite you to prioritize this unique Lenten Parish Renewal so that we as parish together can discern and move toward being an agent of renewal in our area! The time is urgent, and the call is clear. We have to become missionary disciples so that many might come to experience the joy of a life in relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church.

Friday February 23rd // 7-9 p.m.

Session 1: Can you let the Lord love you?

Saturday February 24th // 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. 

Session 2: The Art of Living: Discipleship in the 21st Century

Session 3: Appointed to Bear Fruit: The World Needs You!

Location: Gannon Hall

About the Presenter

Tim Glemkowski is a national Catholic speaker and the founder of L’Alto Catholic Institute, a not-for-profit apostolate that helps parishes become more effective at forming disciples. He is a husband and father of two and loves helping introduce people to the joy found in a relationship with Jesus and his Church.